Sky is very happy to take on painting commissions to suit any specific requirements you may have in mind. Be it a certain size canvas to fit an ideal space in your home, a particular palette of colours to suit your interior style, or an exact species of bird or animal that has a special meaning to you.

A painting commission can make a really wonderful and personal gift for a loved one, or be the perfect finishing touch to a favourite space in your home to bring everything together. Many of Sky’s previous client’s have commented how their painting brings them joy every single day, reminding them of cherished memories of nature or providing a little piece of escapism. The value of a painting goes far beyond its cost, it is an investment in your happiness and wellbeing, bringing you a sense of serenity when relaxing in the calm sanctuary of your home. Read a snippet of one of Sky’s favourite testimonials from a client who commissioned this Great Hornbill commission below.

Great Hornbill Commission

“I have just received the most beautiful painting that I had commissioned for my husband’s 50th birthday. My husband and I had visited Kaziranga National Park in Assam some years ago, where we were lucky enough to spot a beautiful Great Hornbill sitting in a tree. It was a very memorable moment and I asked Sky if she thought she could draw the bird. I have to say, I was amazed that she nailed it straight away.  I didn’t want to mess with Sky’s style so I gave her lots of freedom with the painting part but we agreed on how the bird should look and be placed in the overall composition.

My husband and I want to say thank you so much Sky, for turning inspiration into reality – with minimal hassle – you are such a pleasure to deal with and nothing was too much trouble. THANK YOU!! We will happily recommend you for any commission – especially for bird and nature lovers like my husband.” 

See more of Sky Siouki’s previously completed commissions and read more testimonials here.


Sky can offer a range of pricing options to suit your budget so please don’t be afraid to get in touch for a no-obligation quote. Payments are made in two staggered instalments. A 50% non-refundable deposit will be required before any work begins, with the remaining 50% due following completion. See a breakdown of Sky’s pricing structure below. Pricing does not include framing or delivery and is subject to individual requirements, this table is intended just to give a rough indication.

Sky hopes these prices allow for a variety of budgets depending on what level of exclusivity you would like your piece of art to have to you. If Sky is able to reproduce her illustrations to use again in future works and to sell as giclée prints, it gives her the opportunity to make your commission more affordable to you.

Sky’s illustrations take her many hours to do so if you would like a bespoke illustration included in your painting this will add to the cost depending on the complexity of the subject. Prices here are based on an average of 15 hours to do a drawing but for example a small garden bird may only take Sky 8 hours whereas an intricate dragonfly takes 28 hours. The illustration will be applied to the canvas as a high quality transfer as it is not possible to draw straight onto a painting in such defined detail. Sky will maintain ownership of her original illustrations in all cases.

Email Sky at [email protected] to enquire and get a completely pressure free quote.


Sky loves a challenge and working towards a specific goal so finds working to fit your needs especially fulfilling and rewarding. She will begin by discussing what you want with you, going over key areas such as illustrations, colours, texture and size, and if helpful will provide a mood board to convey her ideas and inspiration and ensure everyone is on the same page. She will then keep you updated each step of the way with her progress so there is room for tweaking if needs be.

Most paintings will need a minimum of 2 weeks to dry once complete, and an additional 2 weeks to be framed if required. Overall a painting commission is likely to take 6-12 weeks from initiation to completion, depending on Sky’s current workload. Summary of the steps involved below.

1. Get in touch. Email [email protected] with your ideas and size you have in mind.
2. Sky will reply with a price estimate, outlining possible variables in cost.
3. If you are happy with Sky’s quote, the next thing is to discuss further details in more depth.
4. Once details are agreed, the 50% deposit will be due before work begins.
5. Sky will gather research and share her inspiration board with you.
6. Work begins on the painting, starting with any bespoke illustrations if applicable. Sky will keep you updated on progress and check you are happy with everything as she goes.
7. Once the painting is finished Sky will send a photo to ensure you are happy with it, arrange framing if requested and invoice for the remaining 50% payment.
8. Delivery. The painting is yours to enjoy for the rest of your life!