Sky Siouki is a Bristol based artist inspired by nature, wildlife and expressionism. Her ethereal abstract paintings combine highly detailed pencil illustrations of different species of flora and fauna with expressive, bold and colourful oil paintings. Her artwork is striking and unique, with a central focus on the importance wildlife has on our planet. Her most recent work especially aims to raise awareness of critically endangered species around the world with the hope of making a positive impact on climate change.


“Hello I’m Sky, my full name is Sky Siouki Procter but I like to go by Sky Siouki as an artist. I love wildlife, the countryside, cooking and being cosy at home in the 1920s project house me and my partner have lovingly made our own. I live and work in Bristol from my home office some of the time and my painting studio the rest of the time. I started working for myself straight after graduating with a degree in textile design in 2013. Since then Sky Siouki has gone through a few phases to bring me to where I am now. I love what I do immensely and wouldn’t change it for the world.”

Sky’s distinctive artwork features detailed studies of various different animal species amongst abstract painted landscapes and rugged foliage. Behind each stunning illustration are subtle, painterly transitions of natural greys and browns contrasted by occasional streaks and sprays of bolder hues. Fragments of gold leaf peep out from thick patches of oil paint overlaid with delicate botanical drawings suggesting scenes of unexplored wilderness.

Sky’s art is also available in a range of open and limited edition giclée prints and greeting cards. Sky Siouki donates a small portion of profits from her cards and selected prints to World Land Trust to help aid their conservation efforts. Read more about the partnership here.