Keeping It Tidy

Hello and a very happy new year! I hope those of you who are back at work this week aren’t feeling the January blues too badly. For me the start of a new year is all about reflecting, re-organising and setting myself new goals. After Christmas it feels like I suddenly have the time I need to catch up on all the things I’d let slip at the end of last year and I imagine I’m probably not the only one!

So… since my workspace is in dire need of some tidying and reshuffling I thought I’d research some ideas on smart storage solutions and share them with you all. Goodness knows I need all the help I can get, it’s so easy to let the mess get out of control and then it’s all the more hard to keep on top of it so I’m hoping to find some better ways to store things so it won’t keep happening! All of these ideas are so clever and could all be used anywhere in the home as well as in a workspace.

Scaffold Kitchen Shelves

Nifty Shelving

So simple, yet so effective. Even the narrowest of shelves in the tiniest of nooks seem to offer so much possibility for another place to put all those little bits and bobs that otherwise just end up lying around. Especially great for lining up tins and jars so whatever you need is right there ready to be lifted at your disposal. If you’re feeling really clever, you can even add hooks or rails to the underside of your shelves for hanging things too! Just ingenious.

Pegboard Deskspace


After a bit of research it doesn’t seem there’s much a pegboard can’t do for you and I think it’s high-time I got one! Attach mini shelves, rails, rods to spike things on, strings to peg things on, hooks to hang things from, and even add a few personal touches too just for decoration’s sake!

Drawers on Wheels

Wheeled Cabinets

New motto in life: If in doubt, add wheels. I’ve considered extra drawer or storage units to go under my desk before but always worry they’ll be awkward to get to or my legs will feel cramped but the solution now suddenly seems so amazingly simple. Add wheels! With the ease to roll cabinets around all hassles are eliminated! Another brilliant application of this one is adding wheels to solo drawers to go under the bed or sofa.

Crate Box Shelves

Crate Box Shelves

Ok, I know shelves are a bit of a running theme here but there are just so many possibilities. I love this idea largely for the appearance I have to admit but using a box for a shelf is a wonderfully multi-faceted solution too. If you can find any with lots of little compartments like the second from the bottom here then it serves a great purpose for storing lots of small arts and crafts supplies. There is also the advantage that the top of the box can be used as an additional shelf, plus the extra sides can be used to lean things against.


Chalkboards & Pin-boards

Dedicate a whole wall to being ideas ready. I love the idea of just painting an entire wall with chalkboard paint so that you can write straight onto it whenever an important thought strikes you. If you’re more of a paper person cover a wall in cork so you can pin your notes or magazine clippings to it as you go. That way whatever is currently going on is right there straight in front of you and easy to be changed from day to day.

Fold Away Desk

Fold Away Desks

I’ve always admired the ingenuity of these compact desks perfect for slotting into a living or corridor space for a bit of discreet study space. For me, this would be far too small a space to use as my office but would be great as an additional surface area when I need a clear space for admin work if my main desk has been overridden with sewing or art stuff. I’ve also seen some wonderful small versions of this that work as drink cabinet come mini-bars!

Time for me to stop researching how to be tidy and actually get tidy now! Wish me luck!