All Sky Siouki products are ethically made in the UK. This has been a core value for Sky since day one. Sky cares deeply about the environment and wildlife and does everything possible to ensure her business does not have a negative impact on our planet.


In 2020 Sky Siouki began donating £0.05 to World Land Trust for every sale of a greeting card or card pack, retail and wholesale, and 10% of the sale price for every Endangered Species giclée print sold. World Land Trust are a UK based charity doing crucial conservation work across the world, protecting biologically important and threatened habitats acre by acre. Sky has chosen to support WLT because they work hard to fight climate change and permanently protect forests and wildlife habitats. Learn more about what they do here.

Sky Siouki’s donations are helping to fund the Plant A Tree project which helps to restore forests that have been lost to deforestation. For every £5 donated a new tree is planted, nurtured and protected. This project seemed especially relevant to Sky since her business relies heavily on the use of paper and card for products and packaging, but also because without trees and forests the bird, insect and wildlife species she so lovingly takes inspiration from cannot exist.


Since 2018 Sky Siouki began packaging all greeting cards and notecard sets plastic free. Sky now uses fully compostable clear bags made of corn starch to package all cards and giclée prints too. Sky makes a very conscious effort to avoid single use plastic in her business wherever possible.


Sky Siouki aims to choose the recycled option wherever possible when it comes to materials and packaging. Currently the square greeting card range is printed onto a 100% recycled card stock using white ink so the designs show up clearly over the natural brown colour.

Sky will also be transitioning into printing her colourful notecard range onto a 100% recycled card stock which is dyed white.

All greeting cards come with recycled Kraft envelopes. Sky also chooses recycled paper and card for her postal envelopes, coaster set boxes, address labels, stone care cards, thick card used to print design information onto, tea towel packaging and shopping bags given to customers at markets. She hopes to eventually choose purely recycled paper products for every application within the business.


Sky uses paper parcel tape to package all parcels and chooses green bio-degradable bubblewrap. She also reuses any packaging she has leftover from supplier parcels and recycled newspapers to pad out parcels. She encourages customers to recycle or re-use her packaging too with the hope that the bubblewrap continues to get re-used rather than being immediately thrown away.


Sky Siouki has always chosen digital printing as a preferred production method partly due to visual advantages suited to the designs, but also because it is less wasteful than some other methods such as screen-printing. Digital print creates no excess ink and requires minimal washing and energy use so overall is a more environmentally friendly print method.


Sky aims to create as little waste as possible through production processes. Any material offcuts are always recycled or donated to local schools or the Bristol Children’s Scrapstore. Printed tiles that are below Sky’s usual product standards are sold as seconds at a discount price so nothing is ever wasted.


Sky Siouki products are all made to last using natural, high quality materials. Sky hopes to combat throw-away culture by producing all products at an unequivocally high standard.

  • Giclée Prints: Digitally printed by Sky herself in her Bristol studio with archival quality inks made to never fade onto heavyweight acid free etching rag.
  • Tea Towels: Digitally printed in the UK onto superior quality, ethically made 100% cotton. Packaged with a recycled paper band.
  • Stone Coasters & Placemats: Digitally printed with waterproof inks in Bristol, UK onto hard wearing natural stone. Backed with cork, an eco-friendly material.
  • Greeting Cards: Digitally printed the UK onto heavyweight recycled card stock.


Every single Sky Siouki supplier is UK based, therefore supporting the local economy and reducing Sky Siouki’s carbon footprint. It is not possible to control where the absolute raw materials for each and every product are sourced but Sky makes sure to always use UK suppliers who have strong ethical values themselves.